Prophecy Update

Why does America keep getting bad people to be a president?

America will be gaining another wick person for a president. Both candidates are greedy, selfish, and immoral. In my visions I saw only wicked people becoming presidents of the USA. This is one of God’s ways to bring about punishment to a rebellious nation. Most people think that God’s sends judgements with quick and sudden acts of retribution. His ways of sending punishment and judgements are slow and slowly increase over time. The Bible teaches us that God will punish the rebellious. When the majority of the populace of a nation turns to rebellion, immorality, greed, selfishness, unlawfulness and violence, then God will begin to slowly introduce punishment and judgement. The opposite is also true of God. When a country’s citizens are lawful, moral, obedient, selfless and peaceful God will send blessings, prosperity, peace, and upright leaders.

As long as the majority of American’s choose to stay greedy, selfish, immoral, violent, rebellious and unlawful God will continue to only allow wicked people to be leaders in America making this majority miserable in their wickedness. They bring about their own misery and sufferings. The way of the wicked is hard.

Understand that I’m also talking about the church goers who call themselves believers in Christ. They are just as guilty of rebellion in America. They started out being believers in Christ being touched by Jesus. But over the following years revert back to rebellion and wickedness only in a different from of rebellion and wickedness. Their new ways of rebellion are to be disobedient to God’s personal will. They don’t seek to do what God would require of them. Many don’t even know that this is a requirement of God. The church leaders don’t know how to do this themselves therefore don’t teach or practice following God’s personal will. Most of these believers just think that all they have to do is practice what the Bible requires ‘the Do’s and Don’ts. Preachers are constantly preaching the ‘Do’s and Don’ts.’

Jesus said, ‘Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you’. What is seeking first the kingdom of God? Most believers don’t understand what this entails. Why would Jesus command us to seek first the kingdom of God if all we have to do are the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’? What is He teaching us here? What is God wanting us to seek? He wants us to seek Him to learn what His personal will would be for us to perform during our life time on earth. Why else would you seek the kingdom of God? When He reveals his personal will and we perform His will in obedience to His will then we will be servants to Him. A nice blessing that accompanies our obedience is that He will add things to our life. It’s a reward program that God provides to those who are obedient to do His personal will. Doing ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ is only a guard to help keep you from falling back into sin. Practicing ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ and nothing more is serving law and order with your flesh and gains you nothing except avoiding troubles and problems with others. The Israelites did the same thing in the Old Testament. They missed the entire point and purpose of God. Most modern day Christian’s are doing the same thing the Israelites did in the Old Testament days. I’m amazed at how humanity continually reverts to attempting to please God with the works of their flesh. Each generation just doesn’t get it. Jesus said that there would be few people that would ever be true followers. Are you one of these people?

So if you’re wondering why America has been continually getting worse and worse people for a new president here is your answer. So long as we continue to rebel and disobey you bring cursing’s upon your own head. These wicked presidents are only one type of judgement or punishment. Many other kinds of judgments are coming and  are already in motion.

Here is a quick example of what can happen if you obey God. In my life I wasn’t a believer until I was 10 years old. For the next ten years, as I was growing up, I encountered all kinds of difficulties and hardships. I didn’t know to seek and find God’s personal will for my life. I didn’t find anyone who knew more about God. I suffered from my own cursing’s just because I was ignorant. I really was being rebellious and didn’t even know it. I was attempting to do the Do’s and Don’ts in the Bible but it wasn’t working. When I was twenty I cried out to God from my misery for help to show me what was wrong. (I began to seek first the kingdom and didn’t even know this is what I was supposed to do.) A few weeks later I ran into some believers who knew about seeking God and living in the power of the Holy Spirit. A few months later I learned all about the Holy Spirit. Ever since then I’ve been seeking the kingdom of God. God continually has been guiding me and I’m continually gaining and prospering as a result. Much of this guidance has and is to avoid bad decisions thus avoid bringing about cursing’s upon myself. While everyone around me is reaping cursing’s, misery, and poverty, being bitter, angry, and filled with hate, I’ve been excelling in blessings, life, and prosperity while living in peace, joy and love. Now I help others and teach all about seeking God and proclaim the truth about God so they don’t have to live in misery. I’m amazed that most believers don’t even want to hear the truth about God. They would rather believe what some preacher tells them about some ideals about God and all the time these ideals don’t work in their life. They keep searching for a preacher that knows all about God and can’t find one. They keep hopping that it will eventually happen but it never does. They still are poor, miserable, angry, bitter, unloved, can’t get close to God, don’t prosper, not full of joy, lonely, and full of fear. You reap what you sow. They will not ‘seek first the kingdom of God’ – they are rebellious by not seeking God. They enter into a new type of sin. If you are one of these people living in misery and want out, then all you have to do is start obeying the Father’s personal will. But you will need some help from someone else who knows the ‘How To’s’ like me for example, till you learn to do it yourself. There is no other way to escape your misery and sufferings. Unfortunately, there are very few people in America at this point in time that know the ‘How To’s’. God knows who and where these people are and will guide you to them  but only when you start seeking Him.

Recession of 2016

We have just entered into another recession that started in January 2016. This recession is the one that I foresaw and wrote about in my book, “America’s Resurrection.” I had thought that the recession of 2008 – 2014 was the one I foresaw but I was wrong about that recession in that I didn’t receive any info about it. This recession now starting will be worldwide affecting every country on the Earth. Thus far it seems that the Spirit is telling me that this one will last for 8 years. This is going to be a very bad recession where the Dow is going to crash more than 50%. I also seem to see that unemployment will be past 20%.


I know that the Holy Spirit will be giving me more details before things develop so you’ll want to keep an eye out for these events. Right now there are few people if any that can see this beginning right now. You can see it happening with the Dow’s index as the price of oil is causing the big swings with the Dow.  Keep in mind that this is a worldwide recession not just a recession within America (such as our 2008 recession) so you have to watch other world Stock markets. You can keep track of these markets through the site: In the middle of the page, click on the blue bar labeled “World Markets” and you’ll get a map of the world markets. Remember to ignore all reports and comments of what others are saying and focus on what God is saying.


I’ll also be giving advice as to what to do to prepare for this coming recession and what not to do. This recession is going to be nasty and ugly – affecting all of us.

The World Drought

Dried Up LateToday the Holy Spirit has begun to reveal a lot of information concerning the coming World Drought.  A lot of this drought is much like that which will occur in America as spelled out in my book “America’s Resurrection.”  I always knew that God would reveal to me what will happen to the rest of the earth.  So now this is beginning to happen.  The biggest thought to remember is that many are going to try and explain away all possible explanations regarding a World Drought but all droughts are controlled and legislated by God Himself.  What people fail to ask is why is God doing this?  People don’t want to acknowledge a drought is from Him.  That would mean that they would have to accept that God is in command of all the earth.

This coming World Drought will affect the entire earth.  No region will be exempt.  All humanity is going to undergo this World Drought.  Hopefully sometime this year I will have a book to the entire world warning of the impending calamities.

Dream of a sudden eruption!

Volcano2I had a dream on Feb. 3, 2014 that a volcano erupted next to a city and the lava ran down both sides of the cone much like this picture.  The lava poured into the city at two points.  This eruption in my dream came from an sudden unexpected mountain range much like the Rocky’s where Denver or Colorado Springs are butted next to the mountain range.  The eruption also threw a great amount of large pieces of lava all across the city.  I awoke from the dream having a great sense that this dream is from God and will one day happen to a city somewhere in World.  I’ve been asking God which city but He has given no answer thus far.

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